Heidi Klum with boyfriend enjoy a semi-nude dip in the Mediterranean Sea

She was still a sight for sore eyes, showing off her lithe catwalk figure by the sea in just a pair of string bikini bottoms and a purple hat that they shared between the two of them.
Heidi also accessorised with a pair of mirrored sunglasses, which no longer seemed to be tipped on her nose when the duo frolicked in the surf, dunking each other under the water and exchanging kisses.

Heidi didn’t even stay mad at her man for long when he surprised her by getting her sun-kissed hair wet, dipping her head beneath the water with a splash of water to the face.
The catwalk model was soon back in his arms, leaning in for passionate smooches and using his burly form to steady herself when the rocks hurt under foot.
Their romantic afternoon on the rocks was completed with a canoe ride that helped them return to the luxury yacht where they were holidaying as an introduction to summer.

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