Man Claims KFC Served Him a Deep Fried Rat

One man’s viral claims that he received a deep-fried rat instead of chicken from KFC appear to be false.?According to WGN-TV, Devorise Dixon visited a KFC in Wilmington, Calif. last week and posted a story on Facebook about his order. He alleges that he bought a three piece chicken tender meal and when he bit into one of the pieces, he noticed “it was very hard/tough and rubbery.” Dixon says he looked down and saw it was a Deep Fried Rat “cooked rat.”

He posted an image of his meal on Facebook ? which was shared thousands of times ? and then warned people to watch “what you eat” because “people are sick out there.” The next day Dixon uploaded another set of images with the caption: “Went back to KFC yesterday and spoke to the manager. She said it is a rat an apologized, it’s time for a lawyer. Be safe. Don’t eat fast food!!!”