Mumbai designers list stylish ways to recycle your old blue denims

blue-jeansOn the 142nd birthday of the blue jeans, few Mumbai designers suggest groovy ideas to recycle your old pair of denims. Plus, try out chic ways to rock the party with skinny jeans or a denim patchwork dress.

For tech junkies
Laptop bag/iPad Sleeve: Measure the size of the laptop/iPad or place the product on your pair of jeans. Cut and stitch the outer seams of both the legs together to get the sleeve.
Headphone cover: The left over pieces of the denims can be used to cover headphones.
? Nitisha Kapur, head of creative resources and marketing, Breakbounce (a streetwear brand)

As a desk organiser
>> Cut pockets from different discarded jeans.
>> Cut out the extra threads and place them on a large cloth of your choice.
>> Make sure the base cloth is not very thin; colour can be of your choice.
>> Stitch the pockets on the cloth at intervals as per your taste and the size of the wall where you will be placing the organiser.
>> Cut long pieces of spare fabric and attach as loops on either side of the large cloth.
>> Hang your organiser and fill it up as you please.
? Amishi Shah, founder, The Upcycle Project

Denim as decor
Upcycle your denims as upholstery. Add a denim patchwork to your arm chair or create cushion covers and lamp shades using recycled denims.
? Rajat Tangri


Source: Mid Day