New Fiction Book Dawood is Dead launched, raises questions on the Don?s existence

?We are looking in the wrong place, for the wrong face! With all the time, money and power backing he has had, the Don could not just be anywhere, he could also be anyone! And so, the Dawood we seek may already be dead. Or roaming amidst us, free and famous?

Will our search for ?India?s Most Wanted? Don, Dawood Ibrahim ever come to an end? After all these years, do we really even know where he is? What might he be up to next? Such questions and a fair bit of research inspired the author to pen down his thoughts in his book ?Dawood is Dead ? You Can?t Catch the Don?. The book launches on 5th August, 2016, is a narrative, ingenious work of fiction authored by Avik Davar ? a pseudonym under which the author writes. The book is packed with riveting moments and plays with works of imagery, romping around the intriguing possibility: Could Dawood be dead? Could he be someplace other than Pakistan? Could he be amidst us?

?How much I miss the balmy waft of Bombay, mixed in the fragrance of our night jasmine tree. Those were the best days of my life, Mehroo. I miss home so much.?

The book takes us through moments in the life of the Don where his repentance and attempts to build back fences with India, and the shocking possibility that he may be a mere puppet in the hands of Pakistan. It gives glimpses of his fearless, daring, ruthless character, while also revealing a kind-hearted man who could go to any length for his loved ones.

?Speaking about the book, Avik Davar says, ??Dawood is Dead? is about the implications of India?s most wanted criminal having eluded us for 23 years. With all the time, power and resources he has had, he could have changed so many things, even his own self. I have grafted facts into fiction to compel the reader and the media to rethink their premise afresh. This book will have the reader sit up and think: Are we looking at the wrong place for the wrong face??

?Fact or Fiction? The book is as fictional as fiction can ever get but at the same time as plausible as fact can ever be. The readers will constantly ask two questions: Could this happen? ?Did this happen?? Avik Davar added.


About the Author
Avik Davar (pseudonym) is a budding Indian writer with an interest in reality fiction. He believes that fiction always has a basis in fact, and that good fiction must strive to present a different reality, a better reality than the truth. His stories graft facts into fiction seamlessly with powerful but invisible train of logic and makes you wonder which parts are true and which are imagined.

The book is a captivating piece of work published by Juggernaut Books and is available as a phonebook on their mobile app for iOS and Android. Given below is the link for the book: ?

A writer by passion, by profession he is an acclaimed international monitor and evaluator for several international development agencies, and works for ?a better world, a better future for all.?