Share URLs via audio with the Google Tone Chrome extension

Google Tone is a new Chrome extension the company has developed, that allows you to share a URL with nearby devices using an audio signal.

While we have ample ways to share URLs with people over vast distances, it seems the act of sharing with someone right next to you, if they can’t move to look at your pc, has somehow become more complicated.Enter Google Tone. Just click the Tone button embedded in your browser and Chrome will emit a particular sound that will share the current URL with any devices within listening range. And it works just like human hearing, with an inabililty to communicate through walls, vast distances, and doesn’t require bluetooth pairing or wifi connectivity. As long as the person you want to recieve the URL has Google Tone installed as well, they’ll get a notification with your login name and a new tab will open with the link when they click it.

Source: DNA

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