Speaking in a foreign accent is officially a DISORDER!

Picked up a fancy foreign accent, suddenly? You could be having a disorder soon.

Very few can deny not being amused by the quirks of their cubicle neighbours in office ? times when you break into fits of giggles listening to the on-again-off-again American accent of your colleague sitting on the other side of the divider. This, however, could be more than just an idiosyncrasy. Not many people are aware of the Foreign Accent Syndrome that is thought to have affected some worldwide so far.

One who suffers from this speech disorder may suddenly pick up a foreign accent, and subsequently lose the distinctive characteristics of their native language. The unusual condition maybe caused due to a trauma, migraine or sometimes, genetic problems. While a syndrome could be hereditary, psychological or caused by a brain injury, our increasingly obsessive digital culture and sedentary lifestyle may also trigger disorders.

Psychiatrist Dr Meena Gnanasekharan says, “Technology-related disorders may affect an adolescent just as much as they could alter the behavioural patterns of an adult. Gadget obsession, when coupled with anxiety and depression, may affect a person’s concentration level and overall performance.”

Source: Times of India